Why We Love Things (That Have Always Been Awesome) More Now Thanks to Social Media

OK, longest blog title ever right?  My bad.  Anyway.

(stepping up onto the soapbox)

We love the internet, right?  For sure.  The internet brought you to this blog, how could you not?!  But the internet, while awesome, has made life a bit more…complicated.  Craigslist Killer, infidelity, lost productivity at work, sure.  But then there’s also social media.  Let’s talk about that…as those other topics aren’t really my expertise (not that social media is, either…).


Social media has concentrated the internet for us.  Instead of having to scour the internet for funny and interesting things, we’re able to post and chatter about it all in one place.  Crafts and DIY projects (among much more) at Pinterest, family and friend connections (and their respective drama) on Facebook, and just about ANYTHING on Twitter gets shoved right under your nose. 


Today a friend (@tokarrai) on Twitter (and when I say friend, I mean someone I’ve never met but have had the pleasure to interact with on the world wide web) tweeted something that’s been on my mind for awhile.  It started with a rant about Nickelback, but then he said something about zombies being played out.  And this made me think…ok, lots of things are SO in right now because we can all enjoy them together, or commiserate together (when it comes to hating Nickelback as a whole). 


Don’t get me wrong.  I love bacon, zombies, hating Nickelback, mustaches, and many other awesome things finding fame (again) on the web.  But really people.  Really?  Must we go on and on about bacon?  I get it.  Zombies are cool.  But like, really?  I don’t know.  It just seems like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest just put it all in our faces 24/7.  Instead, I’m just gonna go on about Gotye memes, post pictures to Instagram and retweet that Condescending Wonka guy.  You know, go against the grain. J


What’s too concentrated for you on the net?

**clunk** (hopping off the soapbox)

One thought on “Why We Love Things (That Have Always Been Awesome) More Now Thanks to Social Media

  1. Heya Slick-

    As I said in our conversation on The Twitter: Nickleback might be a horrible band, but are they really hurting you? Shouldn’t we be glad that some Nickleback fan isn’t instead listening to something like The Greatest Hits From The Lawrence Welk Show?

    I like zombies as much as the next person, but do we really need Abraham Lincoln Vs. The Zombies to come out in conjunction with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

    Bacon. Bacon is delicious, and it’ll kill ya in large amounts. Why do we need bacon salt, bacon soap, bacon candy, plush bacon, bacon cupcakes, and bacon enemas? Where is my Rhubarb Candy? Where are my Rutabaga Cupcakes?

    However, you can keep those cat and unicorn pictures coming. Hang in there, little kitty.

    This post is #awesome.


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